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MOH issues a guide to world health days for the first quarter of 2023
26 January 2023

​The Ministry of Health has issued a guide for the Gulf and international health days, weeks, and months for the first quarter of the current year, 2023.

The guide included these events, the most prominent of which is “Live Well” lunch day, which coincided with 1/1/2023 AD, Gulf Cancer Week on the first of next February, World Epilepsy Day on the date of 2/2/2023 AD, and World Cancer Day on 4/2/ 2023 AD, International Childhood Cancer Day on 2/15/2023 AD, Saudi Healthy Marriage Day on 19/2/2023 AD, World Eating Disorder Week, which starts from 28/2/2023 AD until 6/3/2023 AD, and Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, which falls on 1/3/2023 AD, World Hearing Day on 3/3/2023 AD, World Obesity Day, which falls on 4/3/2023 AD, National Walking Day on 5/3/2023 AD, and World Glaucoma Week from 8/3/2023 AD until 14/3/2023 AD, and World Salt Week from 8/3/2023 AD until 14/3/2023 AD, World Kidney Day on 9/3/2023 AD, and World Oral Health Day on 20/3/ 2023 AD, World Down Syndrome Day on 21/3/2023 AD, World Optometry Day on 23/3/2023 AD, World Tuberculosis Day on 24/3/2023 AD, International Bipolar Day on 30/3/2023 AD.

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