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Urgent surgical intervention to restore movement to a quadriplegic
09 January 2023

The emergency doctors at King Faisal Medical Hospital in Taif were able – Praise be to Allah- to save the life of a patient who had an accident from falling from a height of 4 meters and provide first aid services to stabilize this case.
Taif Health stated that they were able to restore the movement of a young man who had an accident from a fall from a height of 4 meters. After the necessary x-rays and examinations were conducted, it was found that there was an unstable explosive fracture in the fifth cervical vertebra, pressing on the spinal cord, with a bruise inside the spinal cord that led to paralysis of all four limbs.
The medical team immediately decided to perform a surgery that took 4 hours, during which the fifth cervical vertebra was removed, and a bone graft was placed from the pelvic bone of the same patient in place of the fifth cervical vertebra, and it was attached to the fourth and sixth cervical vertebrae with a slide and five screws. The operation was very successful, praise be to Allah, and the patient was discharged from the operations, he is in a stable condition with a noticeable improvement in the movement of the four limbs immediately after the surgery.
The medical team pointed out that the patient is following the medical rehabilitation sessions with specialists in the hospital until he regains movement normally, Allah willing.
It is worth noting that King Faisal Medical Hospital in Taif conducted over the past year more than 7,000,000 operations, including 1,195 general surgery operations, while the rest of the operations were distributed among the departments of orthopedics, eyes, children, and brain and nerves.

Last Update : 10 January 2023 06:48 AM
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