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10 Minutes Saved a Patient's Life in Jeddah

A medical team specializing in treatment of heart diseases in Jeddah successfully managed to save the life of a patient suffering from an acute heart attack, in a 10-minute.
Jeddah Health (JH) said the medical team specializing in heart diseases and cardiac catheterization received a call at the beginning of the rainy condition that there was an emergency case brought to King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah (KAMC) via the Saudi Red Crescent for a fifty-year-old patient suffering from an acute heart stroke, where therapeutic interventions were immediately carried out to stabilize his condition. 
JH confirmed that clinical examinations, laboratory tests and CT scans were done, which confirming presence of an infarction in the anterior wall of the heart muscle, which caused negative complications  necessitating his immediate transfer to the cardiac catheterization laboratory and an urgent therapeutic interventional catheterization operation in which a stent was placed in the anterior descending artery for a period of 60 minutes from the time  he was received to his exit from the operating room to the cardiac care ward to follow up the case with medical and nursing teams for treatment services of the case according to recognized health protocols in such cases until gradually recovered, then left the hospital in good health, All praises be to Allah.
It is worth mentioning that the Specialized Heart Center at King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah dealt with 116 life-saving cases last year, and 2018 therapeutic interventional cardiac catheterization operations were performed, and the number of outpatient clinics at the Specialized Heart Center (OPSHC) reached 6224.

Last Update : 05 January 2023 03:04 PM
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