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Using Thermofrequency to Treat Hepatic Tumor of a Patient in Najran
02 January 2023

A medical team specializing in interventional radiology and catheters was successfully able to conduct a 30-minute operation on a patient using thermal frequency technology to treat a liver tumor.
Najran Health said that the medical team at King Khalid Hospital (KKH) in the region received a sixty-year-old patient through the emergency department, who was complaining of severe pain in the gastrointestinal tract, and after conducting clinical examinations, laboratory tests and CT scans, it was found that there was a tumor in the liver, considering the patient previous medical file in which he underwent surgical removal of a tumor in the stomach. 
Najran Health confirmed that it was decided immediately to conduct a therapeutic intervention by the interventional radiology team using the thermal frequency technique, which is used in the region for the first time, and to treat the liver tumor through a needle inserted through the skin under radiological guidance, then the tumor is cauterized and all cancer cells are eliminated. The patient was transferred to the inpatient department after the operation to follow up on his​ condition until it stabilized then discharged in good health, All Praises be to Allah.
The medical team indicated that the thermal frequency treatment recorded very high rates of recovery and was not accompanied by complications or pain, and the rate of recovery was faster and patients' discharge from hospital was greater.
It is noteworthy that the hospital's interventional radiology and catheterization department performed more than 3,696 operations in 2022, which included treatment of tumors, clots withdrawal, stopping bleeding, opening arteries, and many other procedures, which contributed to improving the level of health services provided to patients in the region.

Last Update : 04 January 2023 12:19 AM
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