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Successful Surgery to Close Stomach Leakage
03 January 2023

A medical team in Taif Governorate successfully conducted a surgical intervention to close a leaky hole in a patient's stomach, which lasted for (4 hours).
Taif Health said that the medical team at the Obesity Center at King Abdulaziz Specialist Hospital (KSH) in the governorate succeeded in performing a qualitative surgery to close a leaky hole from the stomach of a 30-year-old patient suffering from a leakage on top of the stomach as a result of complications after she underwent a sleeve gastrectomy in a hospital. 
Taif Health explained that the patient was transferred to the hospital, and after conducting clinical, laboratory and radiological examinations on suspicion of infections inside the abdomen, the case was confirmed and there was a leakage in the stomach, which necessitated conducting an emergency surgical intervention to clean pus and drain the leakage outside the abdomen and bowel bypass was also changed with the hole closed. The entire operation was successfully performed laparoscopically, all praises be to Allah.
It is worth noting that the Obesity Center has received 3,663 patients and conducted 455 sleeve gastrectomy surgeries during the year 2022.​

Last Update : 03 January 2023 07:33 PM
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