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Urgent Surgery to Restore a Broken Pelvis of a Child
02 January 2023

A medical team specializing in pelvic fractures, successfully performed a complex surgery on a child in the pelvic area, which lasted 3 hours after falling down high stairs of a school.
Najran Health said that the medical team at Najran General Hospital (NGH) received the case through the emergency system. The girl was complaining of severe pain with inability to fully move, and after conducting clinical, laboratory and radiological examinations, it became clear that she had a fracture in the pelvic area.
The consultant of orthopedics, injuries and restoration, and the supervisor of the case, said that it was immediately decided surgical intervention to restore the pelvic area, which was subjected to severe fractures due to the child hitting the ground, and the operation was completed successfully and the child was transferred to admission rooms for follow up on her situation with specialists in physiotherapy and receive treatment and rehabilitation services until she regains her ability to walk gradually and movement returns to its normal form.
It is worth noting that the new Najran General Hospital received, in October this year, 6021 cases as emergency cases and 6880 visits to clinics, while the number of operations reached 306 operations, including 60 for one-day surgery.

Last Update : 03 January 2023 09:14 AM
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