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Delicate Surgery to Reconstruct a Patient's Collarbone and Rib Cage
14 December 2022

A medical team in Tabuk was able to perform a delicate and complex surgery to restore the collarbone and rib cage to a patient who had a traffic accident. The surgery took 4 hours, and it was very successful, praise be to Allah.
Tabuk Health stated that doctors of King Khalid Hospital in Tabuk were able, praise be to Allah, to save the life of a young man who arrived at the emergency department in a critical condition as a result of a traffic accident, where he lost large amounts of blood, and urgent first aid was provided to stop the bleeding.
They emphasized that after clinical, radiological and laboratory examinations, it was found that there was a complete separation of the collar bone from the rib cage bone, in addition to bruising in lungs, fractures in the pelvic bones, and dislocation in the joint, which necessitated his urgent entry into the major operating room and an anterior operation on the chest that included the sternoclavicular joint and the right collar bone alongside each other, with decompression of the upper part of the lung, artery, veins, and nerves that supply the upper limb, emptying the blood pool resulting from dislocation and fracture, restoring the broken part of the clavicle from inside the sternum, and linking the first right rib and the clavicle to maintain the stability of the joint, until the condition stabilized, and then transferred to the hospitalization rooms to complete the follow-up. He is discharged from the hospital - God willing - in good health.
It is noteworthy that King Khalid Hospital during the past (3) months has performed more than 1031 operations, including 381 emergency operations and 650 routine operations.

Last Update : 15 December 2022 08:31 AM
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