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Restoring a broken Nose in Arar
12 December 2022

​​​​A medical team succeeded in dealing with a critical case of a person who fell on a sharp object, which caused a double fracture of the nasal bones and cartilage, in a 4-hour successful surgery. Arar Health confirmed that the medical team in North Medical Tower Hospital performed an urgent surgery to restore the nasal tissue, adjust the bone fracture, and make cosmetic grafts for the missing skin in a record time for an injured person, in which the surgery took 4 hours. The medical team stated that the injured woman was brought to the hospital in a critical condition after she lost a large amount of blood because of the nose being double and deep broken due to the sharp object on which she fell. First aid was provided that stopped the sneezing, and laboratory tests and CT scans were conducted, which confirmed the presence of severe laceration and a double fracture in the nasal bones and cartilage of the nose, with loss of skin and a deep wound that required emergency surgical intervention. After that, she was admitted to the operating room, and restoration of nasal tissues, modification of the bone fracture, and cosmetic grafting of the missing skin were performed. From the adjacent tissues, an external and internal stent was placed to protect the nose, after which the patient was followed up in the inpatient departments until she was discharged from the hospital in good health, praise be to Allah.

It is noteworthy that the North Medical Tower Hospital provided treatment and emergency services during the past 3 months to (47,492) patients, including 641 surgical operations, in addition to providing 27,455 services through emergency departments, as well as providing 20,237 services through outpatient clinics in the hospital.

Last Update : 18 December 2022 12:00 PM
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