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50 Cardiac Catheterizations per Month for Hafar Al-Batin Patients
11 December 2022

​​Cardiologists at Hafar Al-Batin Central Hospital were able – praise be to Allah - to perform 50 urgent and high-risk cardiac catheterization operations during last November 2022, which were very successful, praise be to Allah.

Hafar Al-Batin Health Affairs stated that the cardiac surgery and catheterization unit at Hafar Al-Batin Central Hospital received 21 emergency cases suffering from high-risk heart attacks, while it received 29 other cases that required treatment before they reached the dangerous stage.
They confirmed that she was able to provide treatment services to inpatient departments for 72 beneficiaries.
It is noteworthy that Hafar Al-Batin Central Hospital provided its services in the cardiac surgery and catheterization department to 237 patients during the year 2021 AD, and the number of emergency cases reached 150, while the number of diagnostic and treatment cases reached 80 cases, and the number of cases of implantation of a stun pacemaker reached 4 cases, and an electrocardiogram study 7 cases, in addition, cases of governmental and private hospitals were transferred through the heart attack project, which is a unified system linking governmental and private hospitals in the governorate to identify the needs of cardiac patients and agree to receive cases in an emergency.


Last Update : 14 December 2022 11:56 AM
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