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4 hours of Surgery Saves a Young Man's Hand from Amputation
07 December 2022
A medical team at the Department of General Surgery at Duba General Hospital in Tabuk succeeded in saving a young man's hand from amputation after he was involved in a traffic accident.
Tabuk Health stated that the injured person arrived at the emergency department in a critical condition because of losing a large amount of blood, and first aid was administered to him to stop the bleeding, then he underwent clinical examinations and x-rays that confirmed the presence of crushing and double fractures of the right hand, in addition to a lack of blood supply to the extremities of pinky and ring fingers
The medical team immediately decided to enter the injured person into the operating room, control the bleeding, clean the wounds, stabilize the fractures, and save the hand from amputation in a 4-hour surgery that was very successful - praise be to Allah - and the condition stabilized and was followed up by the inpatient department.
It is noteworthy that, during the past two months, Duba General Hospital performed 63 operations, which varied between 6 one-day surgeries and 57 specific surgeries.

Last Update : 08 December 2022 11:30 PM
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