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20 Minutes to Restore Hearing for a Child in Qassim
05 December 2022
A medical team, was successfully able to restore the hearing power of a 4-year-old child, in a 20-minute surgery.
Al-Qassim Health Cluster (QHC) stated that doctors of Al-Rass General Hospital were able, with the help of Allah, to end hearing impairment of a child suffering a crisis for two months.
And it confirmed that the medical team that received the child’s condition from the ENT clinic in the hospital, as he has been suffering from a hearing problem for about two months, found out, after conducting necessary clinical, laboratory and radiological examinations, the presence of fluid inside the middle eardrum of both sides, revealed by x-rays, in addition to presence of a third-degree nasal polyps.  
The medical team decided to perform a surgical intervention due to ineffectiveness of drug treatment for such cases. In the surgery, the adenoids were scraped out, in addition to withdrawing fluids from behind the eardrum and placing a temporary ventilation tube in the child's ears, to end the child's suffering and restore his hearing immediately after recovery from the operation, and he was discharged with his family safe and well.
Statistics of Al-Rass General Hospital indicated that total number of operations carried out by the hospital in the first half of this year amounted to more than 2500 operations, including 1352 major operations and 1150 minor operations.​

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