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More than 8,000 Home Visits to Asir Patients
03 December 2022

Asir Health Affairs conducted (8111) home visits to patients providing them with home health care services in October this year, 2022, where (3338) patients who are already covered by home health care services benefited therefrom, including (3070) elderly patients (over 65 years), through (38) teams in (20) hospitals.
Asir Health stated that (140) delivery orders of medicines and medical supplies were carried out to patients at their homes through Asir Central Hospital in the same period.
The services provided included follow-up of patients who had (bedsores), wound dressings and follow-up of (92) patients. The number of diabetes and blood pressure patients who are followed up and provided with treatment and prevention services for complications reached (1763) diabetic patients and (1951) blood pressure patients, in addition to serving (192) patients who have urinary catheters with follow up of changing them.
The number of blood samples drawn, and blood tests reached (324) patients, in addition to providing the necessary service to (81) patients who have nasal feeding tubes, where the service of caring for and changing them is provided.
Home health care teams also carried out (410) remote visits (by phone) and (372) video visits remotely.

Last Update : 05 December 2022 01:27 PM
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