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Surgical intervention to repair an artery cut with a blunt instrument
04 December 2022

A surgical team was able to an urgent surgery for a resident who suffered a blunt injury that caused the cutting of the artery feeding the middle and right finger. The surgery was very successful, praise be to Allah.
Arar Health indicated that the medical team at North Medical Tower Hospital handled the case after conducting clinical examinations and laboratory tests, which confirmed that the middle and right fingers were completely amputated with loss of blood supply, in addition to fractures in the third metacarpal of the hand.
It indicated that the artery feeding the right middle finger was repaired, the tendons were repaired, the skin loss was compensated, and the nerves and arteries feeding the hand were repaired. The injured person has fully recovered, praise be to Allah.
The medical team supervising the case indicated that the severed finger tendon surgeries are difficult because they are very accurate and require skilled practitioners to deal with such cases.​

Last Update : 07 December 2022 08:41 PM
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