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Successful Esophageal Surgery for a "two-day-old" Infant at Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran
05 December 2022

​​Specialized medical team was able to save the life of a "two-day-old" infant suffering from esophageal atresia (Esophageal Obstruction), by performing a delicate surgery successfully. Najran Health said that upon arrival of the child to Pediatric Emergency section at Maternity and Children Hospital in Najran, radiological and laboratory examinations were conducted, and clinical diagnoses were made confirming the presence of esophageal atresia (Esophageal Obstruction) immediately after his birth, and as a result, he was admitted for intensive care in preparation for an urgent surgery decided thereby. Najran Health emphasized that after performing initial procedures for the child, a surgical operation was performed in which the lower esophagus was separated from the trachea and the esophageal connection was reconnected thereafter. The team stated that the child was born suffering from a rare congenital defect represented in a deformity of esophagus (the tube that connects mouth to the stomach), where the esophagus grows in two unconnected parts instead of one tube between the mouth and the stomach, and due to this defect, the child is unable to pass food from the mouth to stomach, and has difficulty breathing, with a ratio of 1 to (4000-5000). NH explained that this case is one of the rare and complex surgical cases, which necessitated presence of an integrated and specialized medical team consisting of a pediatric surgery consultant, anesthesia and intensive care consultant, and a premature and newborn unit consultant.​

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