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Repairing Abdominal Ruptures of an Injured Person in Jazan
24 November 2022

 A medical team at Fesrsan General Hospital succeeded in returning the organs of an injured person to their normal position after repairing lacerations inside the abdomen, due to falling on a sharp instrument that was almost about to cost him his life.
Jazan Health confirmed that the injured person attended the hospital emergency department as a critical case, suffering from severe pain in chest and abdomen and shortness of breath. As a result, the medical team immediately conducted necessary laboratory and radiological examinations for the patient, which confirmed that he had a lacerated wound in the perineum and a rupture in the diaphragm, stomach in the left chest, a rupture of the bladder inside the abdomen, and a fracture in the pelvis.

They also indicated that immediately the medical team consisting of surgeons, orthopedists and urologists performed surgeries in two phases, the first was a temporary diversion of the digestive tract "temporary anti-natural anus" and a cleaning and endoscopy of the perineal wound, and the second phase of surgery was conducted after the perineal wound had healed well without complications, returning the digestive tract to normal by closing the anal passage and reconnecting the colon. Praise be to Allah, it was successful, and the patient left hospital after recovery.

It is noteworthy that, from the beginning of January until the end of the third quarter of this year 2022, Ferssan Hospital received 30,531 male and female patients, while the outpatient clinics received 11,722 beneficiaries, and 402 surgeries were performed during the same period.

Last Update : 29 November 2022 11:31 AM
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