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Removal of Mucous Cyst from Skull Cavity of a Patient in Buraidah
15 November 2022

​Specialized medical team at King Fahd Specialist Hospital (KFSH) in Buraidah ended suffering of a patient over 17 years old by removing a mucous cyst inside his left frontal sinus cavity, extending into left eye orbital cavity, reaching inside the skull cavity closer to brain, due to wear out of the separating bone wall.

Al-Qassim Health Cluster (QHC) indicated that the patient was suffering from frequent pain and swelling in the left part of his forehead due to a mucous cyst accompanied by partial wear out of the left front bone, as a result of a traffic accident he suffered last years, pointing out that after his arrival to hospital, necessary radiological examinations and laboratory tests were conducted, and accordingly the decision was taken to subject the patient to a number of surgeries

QHC confirmed that a medical team was formed, consisting of "Neurosurgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, and Ear, Nose and Throat surgery sections." This joint surgical team decided the removal of this cyst by opening the skull, cleaning the worn-out bone, restoring the above-mentioned bony gaps by placing more than one titanium mesh and filling the left nasal sinus cavity by placing a layer of the frontal scalp muscle inside the cavity and then closing the wound with surgical stapling.

It is worth noting that this qualitative surgical operation performed by this several subspecialties team took about 4 hours and was successfully performed. Follow-up and evaluation of the case by CT scan, showed the patient's recovery from his previous suffering. KFSH, up to the end of the third quarter of this year performed 11,418 surgeries.

Last Update : 15 November 2022 01:50 PM
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