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Qualitative Surgical Intervention, Ended a Child's Suffering with Walking
14 November 2022

A medical team conducted a successful surgery ending a child's suffering with walking and wearing shoes. 
Qassim Health Cluster confirmed that a specialized team in joint and orthopedic surgery at Maternity and Children Hospital in Buraidah conducted a surgery due to a noticeable deformity of feet that impeded movement of a child to the degree that he was unable to practice daily life activities noting that after the parents visited orthopedic clinics for children due to a severe deviation and deformity with their child feet, which made him unable to walk normally or wear shoes, and after conducting initial clinical medical examination supported with necessary laboratory tests and radiological examinations, the team decided necessity conducting the surgery.
The Cluster indicated that the medical team was able to conduct the surgery for the child's feet, starting with his right foot then the left one. Tendon stretching was done, some tendons were transferred, some bones were cut as necessary, and they were redirected to their normal position and fixed with special metal skewers, and the qualitative surgery was successfully performed. The child left hospital with his parents after his health condition has stabilized.
For its part, Maternity and Children Hospital in Buraidah stated that the number of operations conducted until the end of the third quarter of the current year 2022 amounted to (5173) operations, including 1132 operations for children

Last Update : 15 November 2022 08:29 AM
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