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Restore 9 severed tendons of an injured hand in Qassim
09 November 2022
​​​A medical team specialized in orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and vascular surgery in Qassim managed to save a hand of a young man from amputation by performing an urgent surgery that was successful, praise be to Allah.
Qassim Health Cluster stated that the young man came to emergency department of Buraidah Central Hospital with severe bleeding and suffering from pain as a result of a deep cut wound in the wrist of his right hand, and he was unable move his hand.
Health cluster stressed that medical joint teams immediately performed the necessary medical tests, provided first aid, and performed a CT scan which showed a complete cut in nine tendons of the hand with a rupture in the main artery, in addition to a cut in the median nerve of the hand and wrist as a result of being injured by a sharp object.
Health cluster indicated that surgical team was able to control the bleeding during surgery and connect tendons to each other and connect the nerve to efficiently restore blood circulation to the hand. His condition was finally stable.
It is noteworthy that Buraidah Central Hospital indicated that it performed more than 7,744 surgeries during the past nine months of the current year 2022 AD, and the number of beneficiaries of the services of outpatient department at the hospital for the same period reached 101,613 beneficiaries.

Last Update : 12 November 2022 02:08 AM
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