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Ending the suffering of a patient from nocturia
09 November 2022

A medical team at King Khalid Hospital succeeded in ending the suffering of a patient from nocturia due to benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Najran Health stated that after conducting clinical medical examinations to reveal the patient’s suffering due to frequent or urgent need to urinate in addition to urination too many times at night (nocturia), which caused him to have difficulty starting to urinate. The patient was diagnosed as a benign prostatic hyperplasia case, which necessitated the team to perform an operation. While conducting interventional radiology using catheter, where medical team was able to close the arteries feeding prostate with small particles, and the operation was successfully performed, praise be to Allah.
The medical team confirmed that the patient's condition has improved and is being followed up through outpatient clinics

Last Update : 12 November 2022 02:14 AM
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