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24 Workshops and 43 Scientific Lectures ..The Saudi Health Simulation Conference Continues its Activities
08 November 2022

​The Saudi Health Simulation Conference continues its activities in its fifth edition. Since the beginning of the conference last Sunday, 24 workshops and 43 scientific lectures have been held by a number of international speakers from heads of international associations specialized in the field of simulation from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Conference Organizing Committee explained that workshops and lectures have covered many scientific topics related to health simulation, including the inaugural lecture of the scientific program, presented by Chairman of the Scientific Committee, Dr. Osama Al-Zuraigi.
This was followed by a lecture titled “Leading Simulation Learners Through Simulation Challenge Experiments”, presented by Dr. Benjamin Smolehair, representative of the International Association for Nursing Education, in addition to 10 dialogue sessions.
Activities of the Fifth Saudi Health Simulation Conference also included completion of arbitration for Moulage competition (molding and simulation of injuries and wounds), completion of arbitration for Hackathon competition (finding solutions and technical innovations for health simulation and patient safety), in addition to completion of the arbitration of success stories (which allows creative and talented people to present stories of their success).
The conference continues to present scientific activities associated with its two remaining days, which concludes its work at the end of Thursday, November 10.

Last Update : 12 November 2022 02:52 AM
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