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“Ministry of Health”: Medical Reports and e-Services do not Entail Additional Costs on Citizens and Beneficiaries.
08 November 2022

Ministry of Health stresses on health facilities not to charge patients and reporters any additional costs or fees for providing electronic services such as reports and sick leaves.
It indicated that this follows a monitoring campaign carried out by MOH to ensure beneficiaries are not charged any costs in return for electronic services, such as issuance of sick leaves, medical reports, birth notification certificate, death certificate and other electronic services that developed to facilitate and sustain these services and raise documentation quality level. A number of establishments set additional fees for these services and punished for such violations.
The Ministry confirms that it will continue to follow up on any violations in this regard and calls on beneficiaries to report these violations through the designated center to receive citizens’ consultations and communications 937.

Last Update : 12 November 2022 02:59 AM
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