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At a Rate of 2 Operations per Day, a Medical Team Cut 532 Stomachs in Jazan

​​A medical team specialized in sleeve gastrectomy was able to cut 532 stomachs of obese patients, at a rate of 2 operations per day in Jazan region.

Jazan Health said that Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital was able, over past 9 months, to end suffering of obese and overweight patients, so the team was able to perform approximately 60 sleeve surgeries during one month.​​
It added that total of these operations took place during the period from the beginning of January until the end of September of the current Gregorian year 2022, which included 449 cases with a body mass greater than 40, 75 with a body mass less than 40, and 8 cases of children.
It confirmed that the center received 1,118 cases from peripheral hospitals in obesity clinics in the hospital and conducted necessary pre-operative examinations during the same period.
It indicated that Obesity and Bariatric Center in Jazan includes a group of distinguished consultants in obesity and Bariatric surgery and other supportive specialties.

Last Update : 09 November 2022 03:53 PM
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