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4 Hours to Release Placenta Saving Mother and her Fetus from Death
08 November 2022

Thanks to Allah, a medical team specialized in obstetrics and gynecology and an interventional radiology team succeeded in saving life of a 37-year-old mother in the ninth month of her pregnancy due to suffering from progression of the placenta and its deep implantation in the uterus.

Jeddah Health confirmed that the case was reviewed at the outpatient obstetrics and gynecology clinics at King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah, in which a clinical examination was carried out and a medical history was taken, which indicated that she had performed 3 previous caesarean sections, in addition to presence of an advanced placenta attached to the uterus wall and permeating the wall of the bladder. She had the necessary medical tests, which included an MRI scan of the pelvis, which showed presence of an advanced placenta attached to the uterine wall.

Subsequently, medical coordination with interventional radiology team was called, and obstetrics and gynecology team cooperated for rapid intervention to conduct a precise and precise operation that took 4 hours to extract the fetus and deal with the placenta attached to the uterus wall instead of traditional surgery for such cases, which expose the patient to high-risk complications. Related to bleeding that may lead to death as the two medical teams were able to close the internal iliac artery feeding the internal organs of the pelvis by a balloon by means of an interventional radiology to reduce the bleeding expected from operation as a result of a hysterectomy with the implanted placenta with the use of lowest possible dose of radiation and The baby was born in good health and operation was crowned with complete success, and by the grace of Allah, the mother and her newborn were then transferred under medical observation and health care for check, as they left the medical complex in good health, All praise be to Allah.

Last Update : 09 November 2022 03:44 PM
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