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To Validate information, "Live Well" states characteristics of a positive health influencer
20 October 2022

​MOH launched a new initiative through its awareness platform “Live Well” under the slogan: # “Double-check” on October 11, 2022, which lasted 10 days.

The ministry declared that in light of spread of many unreliable health sources, this initiative aims to validate health information, and its compatibility with situation before applying or even sharing it, and it also includes establishment of an initiative to define the extent of the problem and risk factors for spread of unreliable sources.
MOH warned everyone not to follow those who provide health misinformation, as every day we pass on much information from different people and in different places. This information may be correct, but not appropriate to the case, and on the other hand it may be incorrect which results in a short-term or a long-term damage.
The initiative was launched on the social media platforms of "Live Well" on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok, which targets the general community and health practitioners to reduce spread of misinformation, and also addressed topics on how to know correct reliable sources, where an awareness Infographic was published to identify characteristics of the positive health influencer of which information is specific, correct and clear through four specifications it possesses as follows: to depend on reliable scientific references, not to generalize health problems, or to prescribe the same treatment for everyone, to focus awareness in its field of specialization, to play its educational role, and to conduct diagnosis and treatment in the clinic. It pointed out that these four specifications raise level of health awareness in the right way and knowledge of correct positive health influence.
The Ministry of Health noted that if a citizen or a resident needs to access health information and to validate this information, he can contact MOH call center (937).

Last Update : 23 October 2022 07:13 AM
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