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Endoscopic Resection of a Brain Tumor Restores Movement for a Paralyzed Patient
04 October 2022

A medical team at King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf succeeded in restoring the movement of the left hand of a patient who was suffering from complete paralysis in the upper left extremity, and partial paralysis in the rest of the extremities.
Al-Ahsa Health Cluster stated that the patient was admitted to King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf through the emergency department. She suffers from inability to move the left hand, with severe weakness in the rest of the limbs and she was unable to walk.
Immediately, the necessary clinical examinations and x-rays were performed, which showed the presence of a tumor in the center of the brain that blocked the stream of the cerebrospinal fluid. As a result, an urgent surgery was performed to drain the cerebrospinal fluid and remove the tumor using endoscopic and surgical microscopy techniques.
The operation was successful - praise be to Allah - and the patient regained the ability to move all sides, to undergo an intensive rehabilitation program brings her back to a normal life.
It is noteworthy that King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf is the reference hospital in the governorate, and it has all the major specialties, some subspecialties and several specialized centers. During September, the hospital performed more than (500) surgeries, and its emergency departments received (9184) beneficiaries during the same period and provided services to (10,553) beneficiaries in its outpatient clinics.​

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