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Saving The Heart of a Sixty-Year-Old Pilgrim at King Abdullah Complex In Jeddah
29 September 2022

A cardiac surgical team at King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah managed to save a 60-year-old female pilgrim suffering from severe chest pain. The surgery which was performed within five hours was very successful without any complications, praise be to Allah.
The patient was referred to the medical complex as a cardiac emergency after the results of medical examinations, including ultrasound, which reflected a myocardial rupture and infarction that separated the right ventricle from the left ventricle due to a severe stroke in myocardium.
This case was extremely serious and complicated that often leads the patient to death. Immediately, the medical team urgently proceeded to subject the patient to CPR, and to install a balloon supporting the Myocardium to save her life, stabilize her vital functions, and prepare her for an urgent open-heart surgery.
During the operation, the left heart muscle was opened and entered the heart cavity to locate the rupture to be repaired by implanting bovine tissue inside the patient's heart to close the myocardial rupture. 
After the operation, the patient was transferred to the intensive care under a medical follow up. She gradually recovered and her health stabilized. Now, she enjoys a good health, praise be to Allah.​

Last Update : 06 October 2022 01:00 AM
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