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75 minutes of surgery restores a child's sense of sight at Al-Rass Hospital
29 September 2022

A specialized medical team at Al-Rass Hospital succeeded in reconsidering a child who suffered an injury that caused a laceration of the cornea, the lens of the eye, and his blindness.
The medical team confirmed that the child came to the emergency department suffering from a severe injury to the right eye, then he was admitted to the operating room to perform a surgery for the affected part that lasted 75 minutes. The surgery was successfully crowned - praise be to Allah.
The Qassim Health Cluster declared that the medical team of the Ophthalmology department at Al-Rass General Hospital was able to end the child's suffering after conducting the necessary medical examinations and evaluating the condition using ultrasound.
The ultrasound had revealed lacerations in the front of the eye, the integrity of the retina and the back of the eye, which required the need for a surgical intervention to remove the cataract, repair the laceration caused by the blow, and implant an intraocular lens, which contributed to restoring the sense of sight of the affected eye.
It is noteworthy that the total number of minor operations carried out by the hospital amounted to 1,150 operations, while the number of major operations reached 1,352 operations, bringing the total number to 2,502 operations during the first half of this year.​

Last Update : 06 October 2022 01:08 AM
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