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6 hours to save a fetus and his mother who were run over in Jeddah
27 September 2022

Praise be to Allah, a medical team at King Abdulaziz Hospital in Jeddah contributed to saving a pregnant woman and her fetus as a result of a serious run-over accident while crossing the street. This accident resulted in the amputation of her entire left hand.
The medical staff explained that the patient arrived at the hospital emergency as a critical case that requires saving both of mother and her fetus.
Immediately, an urgent medical team was formed, the patient was admitted to the operating room, and an urgent surgery was performed to restore the amputated organs in a process that lasted 6 hours continuously, and to restore the hand to its previous position. The necessary medical examinations were also conducted to follow up on the health status of the fetus by obstetrics and gynecology specialist. After that, she was allowed to leave the hospital - praise be to Allah- and her health is stable.
It is noteworthy that, since the beginning of last August, King Abdulaziz Hospital has received 4404 outpatients, while emergency departments received 5,869 beneficiaries, while the total number of operations reached 316, including 132 scheduled and 184 emergency operations. While the number of surgeries per day reached 43 operations.​

Last Update : 06 October 2022 01:19 AM
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