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MOH Performs 279,000 Hemodialysis Sessions and over 93,000 Peritoneal Dialysis Sessions in 6 Months
18 September 2022

​The Ministry of Health (MOH), during the first half of the current year, has conducted 279,000 hemodialysis sessions and 93,330 peritoneal sessions, as well as 12 kidney transplants through Al-Habib Medical Group’s initiative. 

In the same vein, MOH recommended following the golden habits to preserve the kidneys, which are: exercising regularly for at least 150 minutes per week, drinking enough fluids at a rate of two liters per day, eating healthy food, vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, reducing salt, sugar and sodium intake, maintaining ideal weight (ideal BMI less than 25), checking blood pressure regularly (normal blood pressure is 120/80), and testing blood sugar level at least once a year for non-diabetics. It also recommended avoiding smoking, as it increases the deposition of oxidative substances harmful to the kidneys, causing clogging of arteries; increase the likelihood of kidney cancer, and the importance of avoiding factors leading to kidney failure such excessive usage of relievers, folk medicines, and protein products that build muscle, and get an annual kidney function check-up, especially if you have risk factors such as: blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, genetics, and a family member with kidney failure.

Last Update : 18 September 2022 01:33 PM
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