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MOH Urges Health Workers to Obtain Health Information from Official and Reliable Sources
13 September 2022
​​​​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has underlined the importance of seeking health information from its official and reliable sources, as well as avoiding rumors and misinformation.​

It has reiterated to all health facilities workers to honor the health charter, the ethics of the health practitioner, and refrain from publishing unreliable information that not based on accurate medical foundations and standards, or for the purpose of excitement. This came after monitoring several statements not based on scientifically reliable information during the past days, as well as publishing video clips while on job at the healthcare facilities. 

MOH is following up and monitoring these statements and clips on social media channels, and regulatory actions will be taken to protect the health and safety of society, it confirmed.

Last Update : 15 September 2022 08:07 AM
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