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Taif: 140,000+ Drug Packages Prepared by King Faisal Medical Complex in 6 Months
28 August 2022

According to Taif Health Affairs, over the first half of the current year, 148,657 packages of drug have been packed at the Pharmacy Department of King Faisal Medical Complex in Taif, using a pharmaceutical packaging machine. Also, 4,411 medicine requests were delivered through the Saudi Post, 19,849 prescriptions were dispensed by the inpatient pharmacy and 29,362 prescriptions by the outpatient pharmacy, during the same period. ​

It is noteworthy that King Faisal Medical Complex, through its Pharmacy Department, has launched ‘Wasfaty’ e-service, which helps patients dispense their medicines through the community pharmacies across the governorate.

Last Update : 28 August 2022 03:31 PM
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