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Al-Qassim: 4,000+ Surgeries Conducted at Buraidah Central Hospital in 6 Months
03 August 2022

According to Al-Qassim Health Cluster, during the first half of the current year, Buraidah Central Hospital has conducted 4,299 surgeries, including 1,571 orthopedic spines, 1,187 general surgeries, 326 eye, and 259 ENT, 187 neurosurgeries and 114 urological surgeries. In addition, the number of plastic surgeries amounted to 11, oral and maxillofacial 84, vascular 42 and pediatrics 35 surgeries, as well as 2 chest surgeries and 375 other surgeries.​

On the other hand, the hospital’s surgeons managed to save a patient suffering from the blast of a large tumor below the colon and rectum inside the abdomen causing him intestinal obstruction.
It explained that the patient was suffering from a severe abdominal pain, and general health deterioration. After due medical and radiological exams, he was diagnosed with   blasted large tumor inside the abdominal. During a surgical operation, the tumor was removed and the colon parts were directly connected to each other. The surgery was crowned with success, praise be to Allah.

Last Update : 03 August 2022 02:29 PM
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