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Makkah: 550+ Surgeries Performed by Al Noor Specialist Hospital during Hajj Season
26 July 2022

Al Noor Specialist Hospital-Makkah, during this year’s Hajj season, has performed more than 550 surgical operations for pilgrims, with over 150 orthopedic surgeries, 16,656 beneficiaries of emergency department, 3,154 beneficiaries of outpatient clinics, 666 of the eye center, as well as 984 admissions.​

In addition, 89 patients were served by the diabetes center, 158 by dental center, 164 by medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy, 62 by cardiac center, 82 by kidney and hypertension center, and 82 patients by burn unit. Moreover, the hospital has performed 342 emergency operations, 3,014 dialysis sessions, and 62 laparoscopic surgeries, and received 170,000 blood samples, during the same period. 

It is noteworthy that the hospital has a bed capacity of 500 beds and features specialized medical staff and advanced medical equipment such as: proton and hemodialysis equipment, digestive endoscopy, and other specialized services.

Last Update : 26 July 2022 01:40 PM
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