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Madinah: 3,700+ Volunteer Hours Implemented to Serve Pilgrims
21 July 2022
According to Madinah Health Affairs, MOH’s Volunteers Program dubbed «Sawaed» (meaning Hands-on) has implemented health awareness programs; in terms of allocating volunteer opportunities with more than 3,700 volunteer hours to raise health awareness among pilgrims and residents of Madinah over the period from June 14th to July 20th, 2022 (corresponding to Dhul-Qi‘dah 15th, 1443H. to Dhul-Hijjah 21st, 1443H). With the participation of 220 volunteers, more than 150,000 pilgrims have been served at volunteer centers disseminated in the places frequently visited by pilgrims since they arrived Madinah, including the area around Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi, (or the Prophet's Mosque), Quba Mosque, Al-Fath Mosque, Al-Miqat Mosque, and Al-Qiblatayn Mosque.​

It is noted that volunteers were also available at Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Airport, Al-Haramain Train Station, Uhud Martyrs, and Quba Avenue; to provide pilgrims with health awareness services, to remind them to comply with the instructions for their health and safety, and to raise health awareness among them. The program also provides support services, such as: distributing cold drinking water, umbrellas to protect them against exposure to sun rays, and mist fans to cool the air.

Last Update : 24 July 2022 12:51 PM
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