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Jazan: 116,000+ Appointments Arranged Remotely via Annat App
19 July 2022

According to Jazan Health Affairs, over the first half of the current year, 116,888 appointments were made via Annat app, pointing out that telemedicine has been activated at 22 hospitals and specialized centers and 77 primary healthcare centers, with 1,622 health practitioners being registered with Annat app and provided their services in 98 specialties. The hospitals, specialized centers and primary healthcare centers have provided the services in all general specialties and subspecialties, as well as the support specialties. ​

To obtain the service, beneficiary can book an appointment through the reservation offices at the outpatient clinics, and the support services at hospitals and specialized centers. For the primary healthcare centers, an appointment can be obtained through the (Sehhaty) app, it added.

It indicated that virtual referrals have been activated in the region, with 114 referrals inside and outside the region’s hospitals and 27 referrals to Sehha virtual hospitals, during the same period.

Last Update : 19 July 2022 05:35 PM
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