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MOH: Saudi Cadres to Improve Patient Pilgrim Satisfaction and Experience
08 July 2022
​​The Ministry of Health (MOH), during the 1433H-Hajj season, is implementing a plan to improve  patient​pilgrim satisfaction and experience scores at hospitals of the holy sites; in terms of training and qualifying Saudi cadres specialized in this field.

According to MOH, Patient Experience (PE) Initiative performs multiple tasks during this Hajj season, represented in designing pilgrim's journey at the health facility in the holy sites, starting from admission to discharge from it; to provide high quality health services within a short period of time and without overcrowding; This initiative facilitates the patient access to health services at the holy sites’ facilitates, as well as smoothing their transportation.

It is noted that PE standards are applied at the holy sites’ health facilities; in terms of managing the mechanism of handling complaints, working to address them, and coordinating with relevant departments to resolve them. It also measures the pilgrim experience and its reflection on MOH’s Hajj indicators, through drafting reports on the patient pilgrim​ experience at the health facility, its departments, or through daily passing through inpatient pilgrims, meeting their needs, and measuring their experience. MOH is working to overcome language barriers in communication with pilgrims, in addition to preparing for distributing greeting gifts to pilgrims inside health facilities.

Last Update : 09 July 2022 11:16 PM
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