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MOH: 55 Hospitals and HCCs Equipped in Arafat to Serve Pilgrims On 'Arafah
08 July 2022
​​​​​According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), the health facilities in Arafat are fully ready to receive and serve pilgrims on the day of 'Arafah. “About 55 hospitals and healthcare centers (HCCs) in Arafat are equipped and ready to serve pilgrims,” MOH stated, highlighting that these hospitals and HCCs are distinctive in the world; in terms of providing their therapeutic services for only one day during the Hajj season. Thus; pilgrims can perform their rituals in Arafat, in a scene of attention, appreciation and care during their performance of this ritual among the most important and largest mass gatherings.

This service comes as part of MOH’s services to pilgrims. Arafat features three hospitals (with a 49-bed capacity), namely: Jabal Al-Rahma Hospital, Namira Hospital, and East Arafat Hospital, including 108 ICU beds, 54 emergency beds, 55 clinics, 7 isolation rooms, 7 operating rooms, and 88 beds for sunstrokes.

It is noted that minor and major surgical operating rooms have been equipped, and the hospitals provides high quality health services in all medical specialties, including general surgery, neurosurgery, urology, gastrointestinal surgery, chest diseases, and hypertension. Also, the hospitals have been enhanced with a clinical investigation team at Jabal Al-Rahma Hospital, two field teams, a clinical investigation team at East Arafat Hospital, and two field teams. Besides, the medical clinics of Namira Mosque have been operated, with support of the field hospital. The number of healthcare centers amounted to 52, and all HCCs have been enhanced with heat stroke units that are equipped with 4-6 misting fans, 13 ambulances, and 36 ambulance teams, as well as providing medical solutions and etiological treatment.

Last Update : 09 July 2022 12:28 AM
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