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MOH: 93 Healthcare Centers in Holy Sites to Serve Pilgrims
07 July 2022

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has prepared primary health care centers, which are reckoned among the most important health points in providing curative and preventive services to the pilgrims at the holy sites. There are a total of 93 health centers that are spread on all geographical areas, in Mina, Al-Jamarat, Arafat and Muzdalifah; thus enabling pilgrims to have easy access to services. The health centers are supplied with all the necessary equipment as well as medicines and laboratories. They contain all the necessary equipment such as medicines and laboratories. ​

The centers provide many health services, including general clinics, urgent services for those with injuries and heat stress, as well as patients with chronic diseases, through highly qualified health and administrative cadres working around the clock and on a daily basis without interruption.

At their entry points and mission headquarters, pilgrims receive health education that highlight how to prevent heat stress, sun stroke, respiratory and skin diseases and so on. Meanwhile, MOH’s 937 Service Center continues to provide telephone medical consultations. 

Last Update : 12 July 2022 01:35 AM
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