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Bisha: 5,000+ Patients Served by Tathleeth General Hospital in April
26 June 2022

According to Bisha Health Affairs, Tathleeth General Hospital served 5,556 patients (2,882 outpatients and 2,674 emergencies), in addition to 679 inpatients last April. Also, the hospital performed 337 birth cases, 16,338 lab tests, 1,946 radiology examinations, 87 major surgeries, 65 minor surgeries, 45 one-day surgeries, as well as dispensing as 6,595 prescriptions.

Within the same vein, the hospital’s medical team has successfully ended the suffering of a patient from a kidney stone that caused him chronic nephritis. He had also been suffering from a 10cm-stone in the urinary bladder. After due examinations and x-rays, he was diagnosed with severe urinary tract infections (UTI). Hence, the medical team has performed a 4-hour surgery, and extracted the stones from the patent’s kidney and urinary bladder, and he was discharged from the hospital in good health, all praise is due to Allah.


Last Update : 26 June 2022 01:46 PM
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