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Bisha: 8,000+ Patients Served by Maternity and Children Hospital Last Month
21 July 2022

According to Bisha Health Affairs, during the last month of June, the Maternity and Children Hospital has provided its health services to 8,215 beneficiaries, with 4,667 emergencies, 3,548 outpatients, and 727 inpatients. Also, the hospital has performed 15,902 laboratory tests, 2,268 radiological examinations, 207 major surgeries, 88 minor surgeries, 92 one-day surgeries, and dispensed 6,804 prescriptions.​

In the same vein, a medical team at the hospital managed to save a child who had swallowed a button battery. The necessary medical and laboratory tests revealed severe burning and inflammation of the esophagus, and during a surgical procedure they successfully removed the battery. 

Last Update : 23 July 2022 12:40 PM
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