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105,000 Emergencies Served by Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital Last Year
20 June 2022
​​Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital (with a 200-bed capacity), has served 105,454 emergencies, 47,122 outpatients, and 8,640 inpatients over the past year (2021). Also, the hospital has performed 3,516 surgeries.

Within the same vein, the medical team of Hafr Al-Batin Central Hospital has successfully ended the suffering of a newborn girl with a congenital nasal obstruction. After due examinations, she was diagnosed with a congenital nasal obstruction. The medical team decided to perform a delicate surgery, during which the congenital anomalies of the nose were repaired by opening the blockage in a safe manner. The successful was crowned with success, and the girl regained her ability to breathe and nurse normally. Then, she was discharged from the hospital in good health, all praise is due to Allah.

Last Update : 20 June 2022 03:10 PM
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