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Tabuk: 82,000+ Patients Served by King Fahad Specialist Hospital in 3 Months
19 June 2022

According to Tabuk Health Affairs, over the first quarter of the current year, King Fahad Specialized Hospital has served 82,953 beneficiaries. 54,759 beneficiaries were served by 18 outpatient clinics, 10,115 by internal medicine clinics, 2,944 by orthopedic clinics, 6,205 by eye clinics, 2,713 by urology clinics, 4,252 by dermatologic clinics, and 1,965 beneficiaries by neurology clinics.​

Meanwhile, the virtual clinics (14 clinics), have provided their services to 2,694 beneficiaries via the Sehhaty app, with the aim of facilitating access to the health services and enabling the beneficiaries to get integrated virtual services, whether for follow-up or new appointments.  

Last Update : 19 June 2022 02:28 PM
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