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15 Evening Clinics Launched at Specialist Dental Center of Dammam Medical Complex
14 June 2022

​​​According to the Eastern Region Health Cluster, 15 evening clinics have been launched at the Specialist Dental Center of Dammam Medical Complex; to accommodate the maximum number of outpatients and reduce waiting time for appointments.

“These clinics feature five primary clinics linked to «Mawid» Program, with an average of 10 appointments for each clinic, as well as waiting and emergency, in addition to five specialized clinics that provide neurological therapy services, conservative treatment, prosthodontics, periodontal treatment, and oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS),” stated the health cluster, highlighting that there are also five other oral health clinics (with an average of 7 appointments). These clinics provide various health services, such as: dental calculus removal, preventive measures, in addition to health education and awareness of dental problems; to raise awareness of outpatients, and brief them on the services provided by virtual clinics available in all specialties.

Last Update : 15 June 2022 01:15 PM
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