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Makkah: 3,000+ Beneficiaries Served by Digestive Health Center of King Abdullah Medical City
09 May 2022

The Center for Digestive Health, Liver and Advanced Endoscopy, King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah has provided its services to more than 3,000 beneficiaries in 2021.

The center aims to provide advanced services through its modern devices and equipment, and effective medicines for serving the patients in the best possible way. The center started providing advanced endoscopy services within the one-day program, which includes receiving the referred patient, performing the endoscopy procedure, and sending him back to his hospital on the same day.  During the year 2021, the one-day endoscopy program received more than 500 patients to undergo therapeutic and interventional endoscopy, which included endoscopy of the bile ducts, diagnostic and treatment of bile ducts, therapeutic endoscopy to allow the stomach to expand, placing stents in the digestive system, and eradicating the gastrointestinal polyps, and others. 

The center also activated a liver tumor program and established a joint unit in cooperation with hepatologists, interventional radiologists, and oncologists, who meet periodically to discuss cases and take the appropriate treatment decision for each case. The program has already treated multiple cases with direct cautery, or with chemical injections to the tumor. 

The center has recently launched the technique of injection of radioactive material that suppresses primary and secondary hepatic tumors through the hepatic artery feeding the tumor. By Allah’s Grace, the procedures were successful, with impressive results in terms of controlling the tumor, and improving the patient's health condition.

On the other hand, the center has activated the inflammatory colon diseases program; and patients with colon and inflammatory bowel diseases were received in specialized clinics. In these clinics, radiologists, histopathologists, and colorectal surgeons meet regularly to make a full assessment of the cases and start the best-advanced treatments to control the disease.

The center has participated in the obesity treatment program, by doing periodic endoscopy for the patient before sleeve gastrectomy, or by diverting the gastric bypass, and then doing periodic endoscopy of the digestive system; to follow up on the patient’s condition and identify the side effects of the cases.  In addition, the center has participated in the treatment program for oral and neck tumors, by placing a temporary feeding tube through the endoscope; so that the patient can take his daily nutrient requirements before and after surgery, as well as radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.​

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