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Al-Qassim: 91 Pediatric Cardiac Catheters Performed by PSCC in 3 Months
17 May 2022

​​According to Al-Qassim Health Cluster, over the past three months, Prince Sultan Cardiac Center (PSCC) has performed 91 pediatric cardiac catheters.

By Allah’s Grace, the Center’s medical team has successfully ended the suffering of a 13-year-old child from severe aortic stenosis; which resulted in living with high blood pressure (hypertension) throughout his life. After due examination and diagnosis, the medical team has performed a cardiac catheterization, during which the aorta was expanded through a stent, and the catheterization has been crowned with success without any complications. The Child was discharged from the hospital after the stability of his health status, May Allah be praised.

Last Update : 18 May 2022 12:54 PM
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