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Najran: 33,000+ Beneficiaries Served by Virtual Clinics in 3 Months
15 May 2022

​According to Najran Health Affairs, during the first quarter of the current year, the virtual clinics have provided medical consultations to 33,218 beneficiaries through 9 hospitals and a specialized center, pointing out that the virtual clinics are activated in 59 primary healthcare centers.​

To get the service, appointments can be made via the outpatient booking offices and departments targeted for activation, as well as through “Sehhaty” app to benefit from medical consultations at the PHCS in a number of specialties, including heart health, ophthalmology, oncology, blood diseases, ENT, neurosurgery, spine surgery, specialized orthopedic clinics, specialized surgeries, oncology surgery, as well as gastroenterology and internal medicine, it added.

It pointed out that 56 virtual referrals have been implemented in 12 specialties inside and outside the region’s hospitals, noting that 310,313 appointments have been made via “Mawid” app to benefit from health services at 10 hospitals and 63 healthcare centers in different specialties. Also, specialized clinics at the healthcare centers were made available via “Mawid” app. These clinics include family medicine, dental, pediatric vaccination, and anti-smoking clinics.

Last Update : 16 May 2022 02:11 PM
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