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Al-Qunfudah: 6,000+ Patients Served by Dentistry in 3 Months
15 May 2022

According to Al-Qunfudah Health Affairs, over the first quarter of the current year, the dental clinics at hospitals and healthcare centers and the specialized dental center in Al-Qunfudah have provided their services to 6,875 beneficiaries.  Also, 765 patients benefited from radiology services, 1,064 served by oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic and 491 patients benefited from the dental surgery clinic. The dental filling clinic provided its services to 2,175 beneficiaries, and 780 patients were treated in the periodontal specialty, pointing out that the center has provided many preventive services; benefiting 4,126 patients, in addition to the examination of 244 school students.

Last Update : 16 May 2022 10:50 AM
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