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Eastern Region: 80,000+ Medical, Forensic Tests Conducted by RPCC in 3 Months
15 May 2022

According to the Eastern Region Health Affairs, over the first quarter of this year, the Regional Poison Control Center (RPCC) has conducted more than 80,000 medical and forensic tests, with 39,777 drug abuse screen tests (DASTs), 5,428 suspected cases tests, 6,498 emergency toxicology tests, 21,147 forensic chemistry tests, 858 drug toxicity tests, in addition to 3,098 chemical and microbiological water tests.

“The Center is connected to all government and private bodies through «Awtar» platform, with  a view to speeding up and facilitating the procedures of the services provided,” stated the Affairs.

Noteworthy, the Center obtained the Institutional Accreditation from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS), after meeting the requirements of occupational health training. 

Last Update : 15 May 2022 01:51 PM
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