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Madinah: 285,000 Umrah Performers and Visitors Served in Ramadan
10 May 2022

​According to Madinah Health Affairs, MOH Volunteers Project «Sawaed» (Hands-on) has implemented 11,021 volunteering hours in Ramadan across the Prophet's Mosque, Quba Mosque, Al-Khandaq Mosque, Sayyid Al-Shuhada Mosque, Al-Fath Mosque, Dhul Hulaifah Miqat Mosque, and Al-Haramain Train Station.

It is noted that the volunteers participating in the program (totaling 246 volunteers) have served 285,000 Umrah performers and visitors, provided health guidance to them, measured their vital signs, in addition to helping the elderly. 

Last Update : 10 May 2022 01:47 PM
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