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Hail Studies Morbidity of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Children and Adolescents
06 April 2022

​​​Within the framework of the project of studying the morbidity of cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) among children and adolescents in settlement area, and examining school students (Active Positive Examination) in health sectors dedicated for cutaneous leishmaniasis, 744 male and female students in seven schools have been examined over a week, stated Hail Health Affairs. The study aims at early detection of cases, referring suspects to confirm their diagnosis, providing the necessary medical care, as well as applying appropriate control and prevention measures.

It is noted that 1,786 students have been examined at 14 schools so far, while the project targets 3,163 students at 24 schools.

Last Update : 07 April 2022 11:24 PM
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